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A development agent for millions of Indonesian workers to achieve their ultimate professional career.

Why US ?

Established in 1994, we started out as a human resource management company, and continuously developed our services in Human Capital Management ever since. Today, we provide an end to end human capital management solution to fulfill our clients needs comprehensively and integratedly.

This is why we are the perfect partner for you to boost performance and gain efficiency!



Your Unique Business Trait on a Massive Scale.

Currently we are handling more than 15.000* employees nation wide, with each and every function demanding specific attention to details. We are accustomed to customization, and are able to deliver performance through it, thanks to our IT guys. *Data per December 2016



Strategic Business Location.

This provide both distribution of risks and an extension of reach to your customers where ever they may be. We also have more than 30 point of services distributed in all Indonesia. Everything is connected by an integrated system.



Years of Experience.

Growing from handling less than hundreds of employee, 15.000 in 20 years is a huge growth. These are not just numbers on our walls, this growth represents our relationship with our clients and employees, while delivering performances.

Continuous Improvements.

This is achieved through our acute sense of curiosity, understanding that businesses today demands continuous improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.


We Believe in Human Growth

We aim to promote growth and elevate performance of professionals to be global workers with providing end to end human capital management solution

Ani Kusmiani

Chief Operation Officer Packaged Service

Ani Kusmiani (Ai) is an experienced professional with 10 years of Services Management in Banking Industry under her belt. She's also an experienced public speaker, accustomed in delivering lively speeches and training classes. A bright and energetic individuals, she's able to deliver the best kind of services and explore interesting ideas.

Ai principles in business is to find the best solutions to problems, with the simplest approach possible.

Business Insight

Strategic Marketing

Training & Development

Motherly figure for everyone

Being Sensiblle


Finance Management

Budget Control

Ability to be Both Serious and Friendly

Analytical thinking at its best

Rindani Boen

Chief Finance Officer

Rindani specialized in all things related to finance, especially audit. She spent a great deal of her professional year in Financial Management ensuring client efficiency and compliance. A calm and composed individual, she provides assurance and consistency in each and every project.

Rindani approach in management is to focus on maximizing results while keeping a decent amount of budget awareness.

Achmad Tafrizal

Chief Strategic & Planning Officer

Achmad Tafrizal (Rizal) has spent 15 years of his professional career in the Global Business Service Industry, giving him an edge and wisdom in managing overall business processes. He possess a certification in project management, providing him both skill and knowledge to manage project effectively

Rizal humble approach to employees allows him to keep an ear on the ground, enabling quick tactical decision making.

Project Management

Operation Management

Performance Management

Easy-going and Fun

Willingness to learn

Human Capital Management

Strategic Management

People Development

Love for milk-coffe

Love for wood tiles, wallpapers, etc

Sapto B. Satrioyudo

Chief Executive Officer

Sapto Satrioyudo is a long time entrepreneur, and the founder of PT GOS Indoraya. He harnessed skills and knowledges through 12 years of professional career in Banking & Insurance industry combined, setting up projects and divisions as a part of the management team.

A charismatic & funky individual, he likes things to be clean and simple, the same way he manages business.