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Gos Indoraya provide different kind shared services, include :

Contact center management

Manage your customer experience with GOS Contact, reach more audience and get direct feedbacks through a fully outsourced model in infrastructure, system, and man power. Our services include:

· Inbound call center

Providing call center or helpdesk services to your customers / stakeholders. Customize the process according to your customers expectations and needs. Want to always be available for your customers? we are also capable to enable your 24/7 services.

· Outbound call center

Enable you to increase your customer engagement rate, boost your sales, or promote new services to your customers as fast as possible. We can also assist you in improving your retention rate or collect more from customers.

· Email and social media services

Manage and optimise your email and social media channels, get analytics on performance and increase your presence in social media to generate revenues or get direct feedbacks.

Data Processing Management

Managing paper works could be so overwhelming that it may affect functions of your business, delay processes, and distort decision making. It is urgent to have a comprehensive data & document management system in your organization.

Manage your documents and transform raw data into useful information with GOS Admin. Our service includes:

· Data Entry:

Digitize your raw data with ease through our scanning or data entry services. From it you’ll be able to manage the pre-screening process and receive reports.

· Document Management:

Get responsive printing, binding, and e-filing services. We help you reduce your physical storage space and improve document accessibility.

· Stock and Circulation Management:

Let us do the hard work in managing warehouses for your document stock and circulation. we will also conduct administration management quality control.

Payroll Management

GOS Pay offers a complete service of compensation and benefit management. Our services include:

· Payroll processing

Accurately calculate overtimes and cuts, receive report on attendance, and let us help you in deliver salaries to employees with ease including distributing their pay slip. You will also receive report in Tax and Jamsostek.

· Managing claims, insurances, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan and BPJS Kesehatan

Let us handle medical and other claims related to your workforces.

· Third Party Interface (tax)

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