Workforce Services

Don’t waste time and money to handle employee administration. Just let our HR workforce services take care of your employees and you can spend more resources and focus on your core business. We ensure that every single employee that we take care always work and be paid in compliance with government regulation. Our HR workforce services include:

  • Recruitment and Assessment
  • Employee Training
  • Personnel Administration
  • Compensation and Benefit (Include BPJS-Kes and BPJS TK)
  • Payroll
  • Retention and Employee Engagement


Contact Center & Sales Services

Keep in touch with your customers. Don’t lose your buyers!

Our professional contact center and sales management services will help you maintain quality relationship with your customers or buyers. Our contact center team have the experiences managing:

  • Contact center system and infrastructure
  • Omni-channel services
  • Telesales and telecollection services
  • 24/7 Call Center Services, etc.

Our sales team love to achieve target and experienced in handling:

  • Direct sales management
  • Sales acquisition
  • Telesales management
  • Canvassing
  • B2B, etc.


Facility Management Services

Your comfort is our priority. Our property management service will ensure you live and work in tidy, hygiene, and safe environment. With our integrated management service, we could handle these services at once or provide it separately:

  • Cleaning Service and Hygiene
  • Property Security
  • Building Maintenance
  • Office Support (Driver, Receptionist, etc.)

Payroll Benefit and Administration Services

We provide payroll, benefit and administration services with capacity of handling comprehensive operation and value.

We have our professional team to handle and provide professional solutions. By several years of many experiences in workforce solution, our service has capability to design a “ONE STOP” Payroll and Administration solutions  according to customers’ demands so as to help clients to achieve overall business process including time efficiency and cost control.

Our professional payroll and benefit team will help you to process and maintain quality relationship with your employee. Our payroll and benefit team have the experiences managing:

  • Personnel Administration
  • BPJS & Medical Insurance Administration
  • Payroll Processing, etc.

A business process outsourcing service can help you complete administrative work quickly, precisely and accurately. Our administration team love to achieve target and experienced in handling:

  • Data entry

  • Scanning

  • Filing

  • Printing

  • Document Verification

  • Reporting, etc.

IT Solutions

Kickstart your journey to enter the era where business meets technology. The changes don’t have to be painful nor sacrificial when it is crystal clear from the start, and we are here to help you see what you need to transform. It’s time to accelerate your growth, now!

Our experienced IT team love to help your business to provide:

  • IT workforce
  • Omni channel customer service
  • Data analytics
  • Design and consultancy
  • Any other IT customized solutions

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