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PT GOS Indoraya is a holding company that manage several subsidiaries whose focus in providing Outsource Solution. Established at 2009, GOS Indoraya objectives are to develop business strategy, to initiate coordination and consolidation between subsidiaries, and to perform controlling and monitoring of each subsidiaries in order to optimize the performance of all subsidiaries, to make them grow over time. With the rapid growth of each subsidiaries, the presence of GOS Indoraya as holding company has significant importance in maintaining the growth effectively and efficiently.

Here we are proudly present the subsidiaries of GOS Indoraya Group:

  • PT Prima Raya Solusindo (PRIMA) is one of the long-lasting HR Outsourcing company in Indonesia with hundreds of experiences in various work functions across various industries such as Sales Force, Administration Staff, Operational Support Staff and many more.
  • PT. Otsindo Prima Raya (OTSINDO) provide HR Outsourcing Service all over Indonesia with a strong network to reach every part of Indonesia. Otsindo has experiences and specialization in providing Operational Support Staff, Technical Operator, Logistic Pick Packer, Logistic Driver, and many more.
  • PT. Dinamika Nuansa Absolute (DNA) emerge as Outsource Solution provider in Contact Center Management and Sales Management. Contact Center Management service of DNA ranged from contact center agents management to contact centre system and premises provision.
  • PT FAS Indoraya (FAS) established to provide Facility Management services that consist of building management and maintenance, security service, cleaning service, and office support man power management (i.e. receptionist, driver, messenger, etc)
  • GOS Logistic (GOSLOG) emerge as an answer to our clients needs of warehouse management and distribution service. The services are provided in the form of warehouse provision, warehouse management & maintenance, and distribution service that are supported by reliable IT system.

In accordance with our vision and mission, We are not only aiming to grow our business, but we are also aiming to become the agent of change for our employees and talents, encourage them to upgrade their career and work life with the help of our training management system.

Our Values

We believe that our corporate values will have a positive impact on the development of our business

We uphold integrity & commitment for our line of work

We are trusted as a company and for all us as an individual

We care by being fully involved

Using unique approach to create creative solutions

We create synergy with diversity

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